Passenger Relations Plan


Busabout is committed to providing quality bus services to the public, and to facilitate customer feedback to further improve our service levels. The following plan has been developed to ensure the public is kept informed regarding the services provided by Busabout.


  • To provide our customers with safe and reliable bus services.
  • To ensure our customers receive courteous, professional, and helpful customer service from all staff.
  • To respond to all customer feedback in a timely manner.


The following initiatives have been introduced and maintained by Busabout:

  • Adherence to our Customer Service Charter.
  • Marketing our services by providing access to timetable information, through our website, advertising the Transport Infoline “131500”, and ensuring timetables are available upon request.
  • Ensure our buses display clear destination signs.
  • Regularly maintain timetable displays at interchanges and bus stops.
  • Updating our company website with any changes to timetabled services, including event diversions, road closures, and service changes.
  • Provide regular Customer Service Training to our bus operators and staff.

Customer Feedback

All customer feedback can be submitted via:

To further improve our services at Busabout, the following standards apply:

  • All customer feedback will be logged and monitored.
  • Customer’s complaints will be responded to, where possible, within two working days and advised of the outcome.
  • Complaints concerning passenger and/or vehicle safety, driver’s behaviour, or accreditation issues will be referred to Transport for New South Wales, or other relevant authorities.
  • Complaints of a systemic nature will be monitored, and the necessary service amendments will be made to minimise the recurrence of similar complaints.
  • Any complaints not resolved within three months will be forwarded to Transport for New South Wales.

Passenger Rights and Responsibilities

A copy of Passenger Rights and Responsibilities is displayed in every Busabout bus, and is available on our website. This outlines the behaviour that is unacceptable on our services.

A copy of the Student Code of Conduct is provided upon application for a School Opal Card or Term Pass. This can be viewed at:

This code outlines the behaviour that is required to be adhered to when travelling on Busabout services.


Busabout will report to Transport for New South Wales, in the format nominated by them, all details of customer complaints and compliments received.

Industry Systems Participation

Busabout will:

  • Publicise the Transport Infoline 131500 as a mode for the public to access timetable information and provide customer feedback, including complaints.
  • Provide an after-hours service directing the public to the Transport Infoline 131500.
  • Facilitate lost property enquiries.
  • Provide passengers with up-to-date information, including transport delays and incidents, by informing the Transport Infoline of any such disruptions.
  • Advertise the Transport Infoline logo and functions on our website, in our timetables, and our bus stop displays.


Busabout will review and evaluate this policy when required, with respect to changes in legislation or operations and at least annually.

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